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There's no way to completely convey all we do in India. How would you encapsulate over 34 years and so many transformed lives in a simple paragraph? The only way you can really see it is to live it... to experience it.


India produces more movies than any other country in the world. Bollywood is HUGE! And so is the influence on the Indian people. What better way to engage the people than by using one of their own major motion pictures?


We take Dayasagar™, the all-Indian acted, directed and produced Life of Christ film to every village in India...

Our mobile film teams share Dayasagar™ with many different villages through a variety of venues: street corners, movie houses, home groups... you name it — night after night... and they've lead millions of people to understand the fullness of God's love for them through Christ!

Villagers relate to the Jesus they see on the screen. Dayasagar™ is biblically accurate. Emotional. Exciting! It's Jesus' life from his birth to His resurrection. The characters speak the language of Indian people... and Jesus understands their very real needs.

Our mobile film teams are made up of national missionaries that visit new villages every month.  No cultural barriers stand in the way. no foreign gospel from a foreign land. No "white man's truth." It's India's gospel!

Millions of Indian villagers live in very similar circumstances to Biblical times. They understand when the story revolves around wells for water, sowing and reaping, herds and flocks...

And sadly, most of them are quite familiar with the deaf, blind, lame... even lepers.

When they meet a Jesus who so unmistakably relates to their lives, it's clear to them that He is the One who can transform them in every way.


Dayspring teams establish the local church as a community center built around the Dayasagar™ tools...

This local church becomes a place to disciple people growing in their new faith... to train them with job skills, and to give them much needed medical aid — along with marriage counseling, child care and other services too.

We establish a constant presence in their lives. No in-and-out preaching of the Gospel. If the Gospel is to truly take root and have maximum effect we must be committed to being in that village for the life of that village.

This is then the all important place to begin to elevate people from a caste structure of injustice to a belief in themselves because of the love they now accept from God.


Dayspring is transforming villages by elevating individuals and families with the spiritual, emotional and physical help they need...

In a one-room church building, you might find sewing machines lined up for skills training, a communion table next to them, and across the room a sign for when the nurse will be visiting next.

You see, transforming a village is about transforming each individual life. And no life can be truly transformed unless every aspect of that life is addressed.

Yes, there is and will always be spiritual transformation, most importantly. After all — eternity is at stake.

But often that comes after someone has been shown in a tangible way that people really do care — by making sure they have had enough to eat.

Or maybe it comes before, because if a person loses their job over a boss not agreeing with their new faith, their need for survival becomes practical— they'll need new job skills training to supply for their family.

And a young child? Faces the need of education.

Education through our Dalit Education Centers is one cornerstone that is being established within many communities.

Think of the elevated hearts, minds and emotions as a child learns to read and write. And what about that parent who realizes their child's future is brighter than their own!?


A remarkable story of God's love. God's care. God's sacrifice for people in need. What we do backs up, supports and proves that it wasn't just a story. It is real and the process of transformation by Christ's power continues every day in India!

Engage. Establish. Elevate.

Every day, this is "what we do."

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