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All Vijay ever did was worry.

His family faced numerous financial problems... and there never seemed to be enough money. Dealing with these issues had robbed him and his wife of all peace.

They prayed to their religion's gods and goddesses, asking them to come to their rescue. But they received no answer - not even an assurance that things would, someday, become better.

Vijay was losing hope.

It was at this time that Vijay and his wife noticed a group of women in their village. They would see the women on their way to work. Often, they could hear the women singing and praying in their home - the worship brought the couple great peace.

Soon, they became friends with the women, who are one of our mobile film teams.

One day as the women were returning from work, Vijay politely asked them what they did during the day. The women gladly told him about their work. Eventually they told him about their personal relationships with Christ.

The more Vijay listened to the team, the more he began to long for a similar passion and faith. He wanted to know more, so our team agreed to meet with him again later.

At their next meeting, Vijay told the team how he and his wife were struggling. He was desperate and wanted to know if Christ could help him.

The women shared how their faith helped them face life challenges, and how Christ also had a greater gift to offer. Vijay was intrigued. Could this gift truly help his family? The team members invited him and his wife to their fellowship meeting, where they would show a film. Vijay promised to bring his wife.

At the following meeting, Vijay and his wife were fascinated by the group of people who sang songs and worshipped the Living God.

Then the showing of our all-Indian acted Life of Christ film, Dayasagar, began - and Vijay and his wife's fascination grew. They watched in wonder as the film gave them a better sense of Jesus and the time in which He lived.

Everything that the Dayspring film team members had explained to them became more clear as they watched Jesus teach, heal, and love unconditionally. They cried during the crucifixion scene as they realized the heavy price Christ had to pay on their behalf.

After the meeting, Vijay and his wife met the team members and acknowledged that Christ's love was like no other. They had understood his power and authority. They no longer wanted to live without him.

Since that day, Vijay and his entire family have been worshipping the living God. They faithfully attend the fellowship group that our team runs on a weekly basis. And they have finally found the peace that eluded them for so long.

Thank you for helping us to bring God's hope into the lives of Vijay and his wife. May God bless you for your generous support and prayers.

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Last Published: June 28, 2012 3:58 PM