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Rajini was bewildered. She could not come to terms with the fact that her husband had abandoned her after five years of marriage. He had left no message explaining his actions. It had been a year since she had heard from him.

Rajini was left to look after two children on her own. Financial needs and her children’s welfare forced her to hide her pain and find work. However, whenever she was alone, the pain and anger of rejection and abandonment would resurface. Rajini would spend many hours crying.

A Dayspring film team met Rajini while visiting homes in her area. As the team members talked to her, she started to bond with them. As a result, she told them her painful story. The team members sympathized with Rajini. They realized she was in great need of comfort and healing. They talked to her about the Living God and His unconditional love. At first, Rajini did not believe them. However, when she heard them narrate personal stories of God’s love and faithfulness, she was filled with hope. She asked the team to pray for her. The team members prayed with her and promised to continue praying for her.

In early January 2011, just a few days after the team visited Rajini, her husband returned home!

Rajini was ecstatic. She called the team members immediately to share the good news with them.

The team members were overjoyed. They decided to meet Rajini and her husband.

As the team members spent time with Rajini and her husband, they invited them to a showing of our all-Indian Life of Christ film, Dayasagar. As the couple watched the film, they were immensely touched by its message of eternal hope and restoration. Rajini’s husband openly acknowledged that he had wronged her by abandoning her and asked her forgiveness. Rajini, too, admitted that she had nursed bitterness and anger in her heart and she asked her husband for forgiveness.

Together, they asked the team members to help them understand more about Jesus Christ. In the days that followed, both Rajini and her husband studied the Bible. Finally, they decided to follow

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Last Published: June 28, 2012 3:59 PM