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The knock at the door was unwelcome.

Kumar had just started to pour his first afternoon’s drink, and he had planned to keep drinking all evening — as he always did — and then pass out when the alcohol was all gone.

It was his regular routine, the one that had cost him his job. The one that was wrecking his family. While their finances spiraled further toward abject poverty and hunger, he obliviously continued to drink up what little money they had.

Then came the knock at the door.

Kumar set aside that first drink, and went to see who his unwanted visitors were. Dayspring film team members stood on the doorstep, inviting Kumar to a showing of our all-Indian acted Life of Christ film, Dayasagar. His curt response let them know he was not interested, and they moved along to the next house.

But now Kumar’s mood was spoiled. He tried to get back to his drinking, but worries began to assail him. He had no job. The family’s financial position was precarious. Even the promise of a drunken stupor couldn’t help Kumar at that moment.

Restlessly he paced the room, until he heard the neighbors laughing and talking on their way to the free film showing. Maybe he would go along, too, just for something to occupy his mind.

Kumar stood at the edge of the crowd, and at first he was disappointed in the movie.

There was no romance, and no car chases or action sequences ... slowly, though, he was drawn into the story. When Jesus humbly submitted to His accusers — even though He was God with the power to destroy them — Kumar was amazed. And that night, he chose to follow Jesus. Today he and his wife are both believers, and Kumar has been set free from alcoholism!

Clean and sober, he was able to get a new job, and his entire life and family have now been transformed.

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Last Published: June 28, 2012 3:59 PM