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Ashti wished things were different for him. He was in college and eager to finish school and find a job so he could take care of his parents.Ashti

However, when he suffered a paralytic stroke and lost the use of his arm, his hopes were dashed and he was devastated.  Failure at finding a job began to take its toll, and he lost all hope.

A Dayspring film team had started a Good Shepherd fellowship group, and Ashti's mother joined and began believe in God and pray for her son.

Ashti's mother invited the team to her home, and Ashti listened intently to the spiritual conversation and talk about Jesus.  Before they left, the team invited Ashti to a film showing of Dayasagar.

Ashti was astonished at the film and wondered why Jesus had to suffer.  He asked all of his questions of the film team, and they told him the Good News of Jesus.

Ashti realized that no matter what happened, God was in control of his life, and he decided to follow Christ personally.

Ashti's perspective has truly changed - he now trusts God and commits all of his thoughts and plans to Him.

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Last Published: June 28, 2012 4:01 PM