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One morning as he was eating his breakfast, the police arrived at Kailash's home and accused him of trying to convert people, arrested him and made him walk 4 kilometers behind their van to the jail house.

While in jail, Kailash prayed for other prisoners, and told them all about Jesus.

All of the pastors in the region came to the jail in unity - and they all contributed to the bail required for Kailash's release.

Kailash was thankful to God as he underwent the torment of his jail time, and turned to Isaiah 53 " Jesus suffered on the cross for my sins and I will also suffer in His name." Even the newspapers reported that a good man had been unjustly imprisoned - even people who had left the church have returned.

Kailash praises God for the privilege to suffer in His name!

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Last Published: June 28, 2012 4:02 PM