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It was a huge step for Teesta. Her whole life so far had been her parents and family. She even worked in her parents' shop – that was how she met one of the Women's Mobile Film Teams.

They seemed to have so much joy in their lives!

Whenever they shopped at her store, Teesta always asked them many questions. They told her about Jesus and invited her to come and see a showing of Dayasagar™. After the film she had even more questions for the ladies on the film team!

Through their personal friendship with her, they led her to Christ. But Teesta's parents were scandalized because she left the family's traditional religion. Even now, she still faces terrible oppposition from them.

Yet she knows her hope for eternity is in Jesus Christ – and she is determined to stand for Him, whatever may come.

So many people are seeking a joy they are missing, joy that is found in Jesus – your generous gifts can bring joy to so many!

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Last Published: June 28, 2012 4:05 PM