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It was her big chance!

Sumalatha had always wanted to go to school. But her family thought there wasn't any value in educating girls. Finally at age 21, she had the big chance she had always dreamed of! She enrolled in a rural village school.

But she couldn't keep up with her classmates. Maybe her family was right, and there was no value in educating her. Sumalatha was depressed and humiliated.

Then she met someone who rated her value very high – she met Christ through watching a showing of Dayasagar™. She chose to follow him... and her joy and faith in Him inspired her family to come to Christ too.

Today, life has new meaning for Sumalatha and her parents. Sumalatha knows that she has value as a person. Her parents have recognized that all their children are made in God's image... and the family has been transformed!

Because of support like yours, we can send teams to introduce Jesus through Dayasagar™, and women like Sumalatha can learn their true value as children of God.

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Last Published: June 28, 2012 4:06 PM