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Maybe you pray the same things every day —

"Dear Lord, please bless my children. Save Uncle Joe. Bring Bob home safe."

Dayspring has three specific needs we pray for every day, too:

  1. film team opposition by extremists who believe in one mandated and forced religion for the entire nation,
  2. the tremendous needs of the Dalits (the former "untouchables") who have been oppressed for centuries, denied an education and forced to do the dirtiest and most menial jobs for the lowest pay,
  3. threats to new believers who might suffer persecution, lose their jobs, government support and/or a chance to go to school because they have changed their faith.

Please carefully read the prayer requests below.

As God leads you, pray.

The salvation of India may depend on it.


A shining steel blade flashes in the middle of an angry mob —
A film team worker feels the blood running from a deep wound —
barely able to drag himself to a hospital, surviving by the grace of God.

This is the kind of deadly opposition our teams may face on a daily basis. Nationalists do not want Indian people to leave their traditional religions.

The nationalists:

  • stir up violence,
  • assault the teams,
  • steal or vandalize their equipment,
  • and even worse.

Pray for our teams to be safe and for their message of God's love to go forth!


Forbidden to attend school... forced to do only the most menial jobs... relegated to virtual slave-labor status... and unable to do anything to change their circumstances

This was the life of the Dalits: the caste in India formerly called the "untouchables." They were traditionally considered unclean, and even less than human.

Pray for the Dalits

Today, many millions have been encouraged to renounce and leave their traditional religion. They will no longer be bound by the caste system! This is our moment to present them with the love and truth of Jesus Christ!

  • Pray for the Dalits.
  • Pray that our Life of Christ film, Dayasagar™, will make God's love real for them.
  • Pray they will find their hope in Jesus.


It should be their most joyful moment! They've just committed their lives to Jesus Christ. They rejoice because of His infinite love for them...

But then, everything comes crashing down! New believers in India may:

  • be completely ostracized from their community,
  • lose their jobs,
  • have to quit school (losing educational rights),
  • be tossed out of their homes and families

To choose Jesus Christ in India is a very serious commitment. Families have been known to reject new believers, husbands to leave wives...

  • Please pray people will have the strength to follow Christ.
  • Pray they remain faithful to Him.
  • Pray for unity in the churches.
  • Pray for new families to take up those new believers that are cast out by their own families.

Yes! I will make a promise to pray!

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